beauty:Human has always pursued for beauty with is an endless desire. However, the true beauty does not exist externally but it’s inside of oneself. Namely, it is to reveal natural beauty of human. / Health:Health is basic right and happiness for human. Enthusiasm is the key to gain it. Human is not only existing in the nature world, but also they possess the beauty and health from what they made, and they exert themselves to the utmost to keep it last.


Acwell,the representative dermo-cosmetic of Korea

Acwell retains the benefits of Donguibogam that have been handed down for over 400 years in combination with modern skin science to give natural skin health.
Acwell manages the causes of phenomenon based on our own efficacy, and values the fundamental improvement.
Story of Donguibogam
King Seonjo who was devoted to medicine ordered Heo Jun to compile apersonal medical book in 1596 based on a benevolent wish to help his people. Heo had to stop the compilation of the book due to the Jeongjujaeran (Japanese Invasion) (1597). Then Heo Jun went into exile after King Seonjo passed away and finished the compilation of the book at the place of exile in 1610. The 400-year-old Donguibogam that is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List is valuable in that it discerns reasons and causes not from visible symptoms, but from fundamental principles and essences.

Acwell,Retains the Sincerity
of Donguibogam

There are records that relate how essential properties were controlled by harmony of the yin and yang contained in the medicinal herbs found on our land. Real skin health is based on fundamental improvements that manage and regulate the causes of symptoms.

We convey natural skin health.


According to Donguibogam, ‘Seungmagalgeuntang’ made with various herbs, including seungma, arrowroots, peonies and licorice roots, was prescribed for a long time and was effective for sores, serious inflammation accompanying bloody pus and skin diseases causing itching and fevers.